MaaS4EU launches several surveys to collect data about end-users preferences and travel behaviour. There are three different user-types within MaaS4EU:

–          Local residents,

–          Tourists, and

–          Companies (Business to Business).


The surveys take place at three different points of time in the pilot areas (3 Waves):

1.      Before MaaS4EU products are available (Wave 1),

2.      During the MaaS4EU Minimum Viable Product (MVP) demonstration (Wave 2), and

3.      During the final MaaS4EU products demonstration (Wave 3).

Following this approach, MaaS4EU is able to compare how travel behaviour may change once MaaS products are available in the market.


Tools used for the data collection

  •        For the Local Residents surveys, a smartphone based travel survey tool has been developed. The tool consists of a website, the MaaS4EU User Centre and the MaaS4EU tracking app. The MaaS4EU User Centre hosts the account creation, an on-line questionnaire, and the activity diary where participants validate their travel activities.
  •         For the Tourists surveys, an on-line questionnaire has been developed.
  •         For the Companies surveys, a questionnaire has been designed for semi-constructed interviews.


Get involved

The Wave 1 survey is live in the MaaS4EU pilot areas in May 2018.

If you are interested in participating in the surveys and fit to one of the user-types outlined above, please e-mail us on or get in touch with us through the social media listed below!

If you would like to be involved in the project otherwise, register to the MaaS4EU Living Labs!